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actesy stands for process optimization, system openness, security and agility. actesy is your accelerator for the digital transformation so that digitization can be managed sustainably.

actesy – connecting digital worlds

Digitization is one of the biggest challenges for 21st century companies. This opens up huge opportunities, new business models and innovations, but without a digital strategy, so you are quickly disconnected. In order to be able to easily implement the growing complexity of business processes and IT, innovative solutions are required.

actesy supports you on your way to digitization. Carelessly, you can pursue your digitization strategy, stick to existing well-functioning systems, and easily adapt and integrate innovations, new processes, and business models into your IT.

Let us jointly exploit the opportunities of digitization and drive innovation!

Total employees: 2 additional distribution network> 300 employees

actesy AG
Schützengartenweg 3
9000 St.Gallen
T +41 71 524 01 00
F +41 71 242 71 01


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